On Wageningen Campus, a great deal of art has been installed. Visit the exhibitions, the World Soil Museum or take a stroll past the artworks with the art route!

Art route on Wageningen Campus

de Zaaier

Wageningen University & Research has always devoted much attention and interest to the visual arts on its premises. From the moment Wageningen University & Research began concentrating its activities on the campus, a great deal of art has been installed. Pieces of art have been installed as part of the construction activities, but also on the occasion of particular festivities and events. Many works of art correlate with Wageningen University & Research’s field of work. In order to provide pride of place on Wageningen Campus to works of art from other complexes, we have been collaborating with the Centrum Beeldende Kunst Gelderland, and together with the artists Wim Korvinus and Hermelinde van Xanten we have designed an art plan including an art route through the campus. One can now take a stroll past the different artworks on campus.

Download the Artwork tour:

Impression of the Art on Wageningen Campus:

World Soil Museum

In the World Soil Museum of ISRIC, visitors can learn about the role of soils in life and ecosystems and get an impression of the enormous variation of soil types in the world, from the colourful volcanic ash soil from Indonesia to the man-made Terra Preta soil from the Amazon. The museum displays soil monoliths with accompanying data including a full profile description, soil chemical and physical data, and information on the landscape and land-use. » World Soil Museum