Both residents of Wageningen Campus as well as visitors (to some degree) can use the support facilities, ranging from the language centre to the meeting halls.

WUR Library

WUR Library is located in Forum (building 102) on Wageningen campus. No student or employee of WUR? Even then you are more than welcome to use the services of the Library. Below you’ll find an overview of the possibilities.

Consulting the digital collection

Through WUR Library Search, you can quickly see which sources are available online and which are available in the Library. In the Forum Library there are a few computers available for guests. On these guest computers you have complete access to the digital collection. As a visitor you can also connect to the Wifi network of WUR. The day code is available at the information desk in the Library.

Reading printed publications

A small segment of the library collection is available on the open shelves in the Forum. In Forum Library you’ll find books and journals focused on life, environmental and natural sciences. The Leeuwenborch collection is mainly focused on the social sciences and economics.

The largest part of the collection is stored in the closed stacks. To get a book from from the stacks or Leeuwenborch collection, please contact the lending desk in Forum Library.


If you want to borrow a book you’ll need a guest account, which you can create online. See this webpage for more information. With a guest account you can borrow books for free, renew your loans and request items from the closed stacks.

Special Collections

The Special Collections department holds rare and old books and journals, maps and atlases, nursery catalogues and garden and landscape designs. More information on the Special Collection’s website.

Customised services

Finally, the library can provide a number of customised services. These could include training in the field of information literacy, Endnote and/or Mendeley and creating fact sheets, files or databases on specific topics.  On WUR Library’s homepage you can find more information about the library’s services. For more information or for a tour, you can also contact us personally.

We hope to see you at WUR Library!

Website WUR Library


Droevendaalsesteeg 2
Building 102
6708 PB Wageningen

T: + 31 317 48 6666

Meeting facilities

Wageningen Campus offers access to various meeting rooms that can be rented by campus users as well as external parties.

The meeting rooms are located in the public buildings.

The Impulse meeting centre features 4 spaces that vary in capacity from 8 to 50 people. Impulse also boasts an open, interactive space that is exceptionally well suited for debates, interactive workshops, or activities such as product presentations. This open space seats up to 100 people.

If you have any questions about the options offered by these campus meeting rooms or their availability, please contact
Reservations: (0317) 48 28 28
Other questions: (0317) 48 44 79

We would be happy to discuss which room would best suit your activities.

In the education buildings Forum and Orion, there are spaces available for lectures, conferences, and debates.
The availability of these spaces depends on the courses that are provided in these buildings.

At the Wageningen Business Science Park, there are several businesses that offer the option to rent a hall or meeting room.
Any preferences regarding participants and supplies can be sent to

Public workstations

Many campus buildings provide workstations where visitors can quietly work.

The most important workstations are found in Impulse and in the education buildings Orion and Forum. However, workstations are also made available in other buildings. The chart below shows where the workstations are located and where one can request a WIFI code.

Overview of workstations per building
Location Spot Register?
Impulse Open space No, accessible without registration. Request WIFI code at the coffee bar.
Forum Ground floor and first floor in restaurant No, accessible without registration. Request WIFI code at reception.
Orion Ground floor No, accessible without registration. Request WIFI code at reception.
Zodiac Central hall No, accessible without registration. Request WIFI code at reception.
Radix Behind the turnstiles: zone 1 call/office chairs and zone 2 flex-stations Yes, register at reception counter for access in zone 1. Request WIFI code at reception.
Vitae In the canteen No, accessible without registration. Request WIFI code at reception.
Leeuwenborch Ground floor near the lecture halls and restaurant. Library. Flex-stations on third and fourth floors. No, accessible without registration. Request WIFI code at reception.
Actio Table in entrance hall, first floor atrium No, accessible without registration. Request WIFI code at reception.
Atlas Central hall Yes, to get access. Request WIFI code at reception.
Gaia/Lumen Central hall Yes, to get access. Request WIFI code at reception.

Language centre

Wageningen in’to Languages is the language centre on Wageningen Campus. In’to Languages helps you communicate effectively in multiple languages, for example, in English and Spanish. Here you can take language courses in 19 different languages and at different levels. In’to also has a translation and editing service and offers language and communication advice.


Our clients are students and staff of Wageningen University & Research and professionals working for profit and non-profit organisations in the Food Valley region and elsewhere.

Language courses

Group courses

The languages we offer include English, French, Spanish and Dutch. Our group courses are set at various levels (varying from CEFR levels A1 to C2) and start several times a year.

Especially for students and PhD candidates, Wageningen in’to Languages offers courses such as English for IELTS, Academic Writing & Presenting, Scientific Writing, Writing Grant Proposals and Social Dutch.

Tailor-made courses

Do you have a specific request or goal? Our strength lies in putting together language and communications courses that tie in perfectly with the specific wishes, aims and disciplines of our clients. Every tailor-made course is preceded by an extensive intake interview and a no-obligation quote.

Intensive Language Programmes

Five-day immersion courses that take your skills to a significantly higher level in a very short time. We fully customise these courses to fit your learning goals, professional situation and level.

Translation and editing service

Wageningen in’to Languages translates, edits and writes your texts regardless of the language and the specialist field. Our translation service has years of experience in the top sectors Agri & Food and Life Sciences & Health.

Website Language Centre


Group courses

T: +31 317 48 25 52

Tailor-made courses and Intensive Language Programmes

T: +31 317 48 48 70

Translation and editing service

T: + 31 317 48 20 80

Expat Center

Expat Center Food Valley helps foreign professionals and organisations with the paperwork for the various required formalities like visa.

In addition, residence permits and social security numbers can be picked up at the government counter located in the Expat Center. The Expat Center Food Valley also provides assistance in finding housing, tax advice, insurances and training courses in collaboration with a number of partners. The Expat Center is an initiative of the municipality of Wageningen, Wageningen University & Research, Food Valley NL and Keygene and is made possible by the Province of Gelderland.

Website Expat Center


You can call the experts of Expat Center Food Valley on workdays from 09:00 – 12:00 AM.

Phone: +31 (0)317 48 26 09


Nexus Building
Akkermaalsbos 14
6708 WB Wageningen.

P.O. Box 9101 6700 HB Wageningen


There are three shops on Wageningen Campus: AH To Go, bicycle shop Trade Frm and AKO.

AH to go

In addition to its standard product range, AH To Go offers a special selection of budget products geared specifically towards students. These include the AH Basic products and the end-of-the-month deals. There are some 1,500 products available, ranging from eggs Benedict and banana-oatmeal pancakes to a variety of everyday products.

Bronland 4
6708 PB Wageningen

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
7h30 – 18h


AKO sells a wide variety of Dutch and English books and magazines. In addition, they sell post cards, gift cards and stationary as well as fizzy drinks and candy. The shop also acts as a PostNL service point allowing you to send parcels and packages.

Bornsesteeg 26
6708 PE Wageningen
T: 088-1338526

Opening times:
Monday to Friday 8:00 – 19:00 uur
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays