1st Research Programme Meeting

10-11 October 2017, Wageningen, The Netherlands


Over sixty scientists, funding agencies and stakeholders from across Europe and New Zealand gathered in Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands, on 10-11 October for the 1stResearch Programme Meeting of FACCE ERA-GAS. The purpose of the meeting was to officially launch ten new research projects funded in the 2016 FACCE ERA-GAS Joint Call. The aim of these projects is to develop solutions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture and forestry and improve national GHG inventories.

During the Research Programme Meeting, each project hosted four roundtables to discuss their new project with attendees. In this informal and interactive setting, researchers had the opportunity to publicise their project and to get feedback and advice from other participants. After the project roundtables, participants were asked to think about what synergies and potential for collaboration they perceive between FACCE ERA-GAS projects themselves and between FACCE ERA-GAS projects and other initiatives / other projects / stakeholder groups. Several strong synergies and opportunities for collaboration were identified.

Furthermore, the participants were introduced to the new GHG Nexus initiative which has been jointly developed by FACCE-JPI and the Global Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA). The aim of GHG Nexus is to enhance the outputs and impact of the funded FACCE ERA-GAS projects by opening them up to participation from GRA member countries, where there is mutual interest and benefit. During interactive communication & stakeholder engagement workshops, the FACCE ERA-GAS researchers were challenged to critically think about the value and relevance of their research. They were encouraged to deliver targeted communication outputs that engage with key stakeholders and enhance the impact of their research.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr Frank O’Mara, Teagasc and Coordinator of FACCE ERA-GAS, said: “After rigorous evaluation by leading international experts in the field, we are very pleased to present ten excellent projects funded through the 2016 FACCE ERA-GAS Joint Call. These transnational projects will develop innovative mitigation and monitoring solutions that extend beyond the local context. Enhanced cooperation and better alignment of national research activities will ensure that we address the dual challenge posed by climate change and food security in the most efficient manner possible”.

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