LeAF voor onderzoeks- & onderwijsinstellingen studenten

Research & education institutes

LeAF serves the research and education institutes in the field of sustainable water, new sanitation, sanitation and waste(water) treatment in developing countries, nutrient recovery, biogas technologies, biomass conversion and innovative wastewater technology & management.

Our services include literature studies, feasibility studies, (other) desk research, laboratory research, and expert advice in technology development via pilot and demonstration projects.

On this page some examples of previous projects are given. These examples are meant to give an idea of our activities but the list is not exhaustive. Contact us for more information about our services related to your specific situation.

Examples advice & desk research

  • Desk study treatment effluent after HTU process for manure

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Examples courses & workshops

  • Workshop current issues in wastewater treatment for a Tanzanian delegation
  • Course on biochemical principles of biogas production held in Germany
  • Course on anaerobic treatment technology held in Mexico
  • Lectures on anaerobic wastewater treatment in Italy
  • Course on modelling anaerobic digestion
  • Co-organizing the Dutch course New Sanitation
  • Course on current policy developments and innovative technologies for contaminated soils

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Examples laboratory services

  • Extended study into breakdown pit latrine contents  - part of research within sanitationventures.com
  • Determination of hydrolysis rate and BMP of cattle manure and products for co-digestion
  • Optimization of manure digestion – laboratory CSTR tests
  • Digestion studies on pig manure in batch and semi-continuous systems
  • Testing the digestability of a process additive for P removal from manure
  • Digestion tests with residues of maize and other energy crops
  • Anaerobic biodegradability of different maize varieties
  • Green energy production from manure
  • Determination of the residual biogas production of digestates
  • Determination of the aerobic stability of compost

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